How To Make Chocolate in the Amazon Jungle

Go to the Amazon Jungle.

ecuador map

Drop your rucksack in your rustic, wooden hut.

amazon jungle wooden huts

Grab a bite to eat. You’ll need all the nutrients you can get for the day ahead.

Take your pick – vegetable soup or a plate of fried larva?
amazon jungle lunch amazon jungle lunch 2

Wear your gear and start looking for a cocoa tree.
Sing Destiny’s Child’s ”I’m a Survivor” as you wade through the jungle’s density.

destinys child im a survivor

Spot a cocoa and rip it from its tree.
amazon jungle cocoa tree

Cut it open with a machete like the true gladiator that you are! amazon jungle cocoa

Remove the white bits, and leave the seeds out to dry.

amazon jungle cocoa seeds dry

Roast the seeds in a pan, then peel them and grind them into powder.

amazon jungle making cocoa powder

Put the powder in a pot, add sugar for taste and a splash of water. Melt over a grill.

amazon jungle melt chocolate

Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the fruits chocolate of your labour!

amazon jungle chocolate


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