4 TEFL Letdowns

Teaching Children

We’ll sit in a circle, sing The Wheels On The Bus, play Pass the Parcel and do endless rounds of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes…

Kids. Running. Everywhere.

too much

The Work Week

The hours are kind of crazy but at least I’ll have the whole weekend to recuperate.


Pay Day

Yeah, baby! It’s pay day! I could use a lavish night out on the town.


paid late

Communication between school administration and teachers

If my private class, all the way across town, gets cancelled, the school will notify me immediately so I won’t have to waste my time travelling there.

I spend 40 minutes on a cramped bus, hike up an incredibly steep hill and my student never shows up. I call the school – they apologize for not letting me know.


This post started off somewhat light-hearted but the more I wrote, the more bitter I got so uh, sorry about that. Just letting you know how it is.

Were you, in any way, disappointed by TEFL? Share your thoughts with the class.


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