The True Origin of Panama Hats

The True Origin of Panama Hats

Contrary to what the name suggests, Panama hats are from Ecuador. Long story short. In the 19th century, Ecuador started producing these straw hats but they didn’t have many customers to sell them to. They came up with the brilliant … Continue reading

An Odd Border Crossing

This was by far the oddest border crossing I’ve ever done. And I’ve experienced a few in my day. Flashback to February 2013 – I had just begun a tour with G Adventures. Little did I know what I’d got myself into.

Costa Rica

We left Costa Rica’s hippy, beach town of Puerto Viejo and made our way to the border at Sixaola.  It took us about 1 hour. When we got to the government office, we signed immigration forms and lined up to get our passports stamped for departure. Then, our guide ushered us to the perilous bridge of doom.

Dun, dun, DUN!!!
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